Two-Tone Braided Hairstyles for Teenagers

If we compare monotone and two-tone braided hairstyles we will immediately notice the huge difference between these two styles. Of course, monotone hair has its charm and shine but two-tone hair colors give us the great opportunity of having a unique and more eye-catching braided hairstyle. Two different shades combined in one hairstyle can easily bring out your hair colors and the shape of your stunning hairdo. Now, look at these braided hairstyles in two-tone hair colors.

Two-Tone Asymmetrical Braided Updo

Two-tone hair color plus asymmetrical style. The result is an original hairdo that will draw attention. As you see the dark brown hair color and blonde shade are beautifully reflected in this stylish asymmetrical French braid updo hairstyle. It does look pretty.

Two-Tone Fishtail Braid

Taking into account the fact that fishtail braids are trendy in 2017 we represent you with a fashionable two-tone fishtail braid. It’s in subtle warm brown and blonde hair colors that look very beautiful here and there over the hairstyle.

Two-Tone French Braid Hairstyle

The simple French braid is here in a two-tone hair color idea. The turquoise shade is quite delightful on light brown hair color. If you have such hair you may use hair chalks to get this result.

Two-Tone Reverse French Braid Hairstyle

Another way to rock the lovely French braid is by styling it into a reverse braided bun hairdo. The two-tone effect is perfectly seen due to the braided style and is clearly seen thanks to the high bun.

Two-Tone Waterfall Braid

Waterfall braids are cool in their style. These hairstyles look spiffy in straight and curly forms equally. But they are more engaging in two-tone hair colors. If you have blonde hair you may experiment with pastel shades but if you have dark hair you may add a contrasting or a matching hair color which will create a two-tone hair color design for your braid.

Two-Tone Braided Top Knot Hairstyle

Though there are artificial two-tone braided top knots that you can use as a temporary hairstyle. But if you have two-tone hair you may easily create this hairdo and look very lovely.

Ombre Braid

Ombre is the stylish two-tone hair coloring technique that is widely used in the world of fashion. Even the simple braid looks prettier in this style and brings out the dark and light shades of your locks. Girls who already enjoy the beauty of the ombre style may also rock a braided hairstyle to enhance its charm.

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