Trendy Hairstyles with Long Bangs for 2022

You can style your long bangs in various ways. It is not important whether you have decided to opt for long bangs or your bangs just grow out since in both cases you should know how to style them. Bangs can be paired with various haircuts. The best thing about this element is that it has the power to conceal imperfections. Below I have selected some simple yet chic hairstyles with long bangs for 2022. These pictures can be a good source of inspiration for you.

Pink Hair with Bangs

No other color brings out women’s femininity rather than pink. This cute shade looks better when paired with a right cut. The long voluminous strands have a moderate trim that gives lots of texture to the strands. Bangs are the most important elements of the style and help to create a head-turning style. However, the design has been finished by brushing the hair to the side to frame the face.

Messy Bob with Long Bangs

The side-swept bangs at the front give some character to the cut and make it super stylish. Apart from the bangs, the hair has been styled in a messy pattern. If you want to switch up your hair color as well, consider blending blonde and brown shades in a balayage technique. This color flatters the wearer’s skin complexion and brings out the beauty of her eyes. Everything becomes easier with the right choice to cut and color.

Curly Bangs

This cut is supernatural and it has a lovely appearance. It comes from growing your bangs out and slightly sweeping them aside. You don’t need to do anything special to have a look like this. However, the brown tone also enhances the overall look. I am sure many girls would love to have a headdress that is low maintenance and doesn’t require much care.

Highlighted Hair with Bangs

Highlights are the best accessories for your hair. If you place several highlights throughout your strands you will have a totally new hairstyle that is fresher and cooler. This particular design entails wearing some blonde highlights on dark brown strands. Apart from the cute highlights the long fine hair also has a fringe that makes the overall look fabulous.

Wavy Long Fringe

You can always make your cropped cut unique by wearing it wavy and leaving a long fringe. The bangs flow over the face and make the overall look even more stunning. What about a blonde shade of the strands? It helps to spice up the look and adds a sophisticated touch to the strands. Note that this cut is great when worn by women with perfect facial features.

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