Hairstyle Ideas for Teenage Girls

Most teenage hairstyles are effortless and don’t require lots of time for styling. The options for teenage girls are really limitless and you will definitely have something to choose from the wide list of hairstyles. Here I have selected some short and long hairstyle ideas for teenage girls for 2022 that are totally in trend. Have a look at these pictures and choose something that you truly love.

Braided Hairstyle for Teen Girls

The one-side braid is perfect when you are run out of time and the youthful look provided by this braided hairstyle is just adorable. Actually, it is not even hard to create a look like this. The type of braid is based on your braiding skills. You can pair this one-side braid with various other hairstyles as well. In this particular style, we can see that the rest of the locks cascade down the back in a straight style!

Easy Double Braids

Here is another excellent option for all teenage ladies who have a long mane. In order to re-create this style, you will need to pull your hair up into a high ponytail and divide it into two sections. Then you will need to braid your sections separately securing each of the braids with an elastic headband. Finish the look by tying both braids together and you are done. Easy and effortless!

African-American Short Hairstyle

Black ladies will definitely love this stunning wavy pixie haircut. Here the sides and the back are cropped short while the strands on the top are long enough to make it curly and messy. The bangs are swept to the side to give it an even more girly look. Any way you can achieve this hairstyle is by using a little styling wax or any other hair product.

Short Shaggy Hair

This idea is for those who prefer to keep their strands cropped. The short bob is an excellent way to tame thick hair. This cut also has some layers that begin at the cheekbone and add some extra movement and dimension to the style. The bangs are left long and blended to the style. I am sure most teenage girls will truly love this messy and unkempt style.

Medium-Length Hair with a Pop of Color

This look has been achieved with hair chalks and girls still love this idea so the trend is totally in the mainstream. Apart from the rainbow colors, the medium-length locks are slightly backcombed at the roots. There are also long bangs that are swept to the side to create a girly look. By the way, you can choose the colors according to your outfit.

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